Acute Psychiatry: A new clinical handbook
by Dr M. Castle and Dr R. Jones

In November 2007 a clinical handbook called Acute Psychiatry will be published by Elsevier Press. There were three broad remits that we had in mind when writing Acute Psychiatry. Firstly that it could be used by junior doctors while walking to casualty. Secondly that it would help with preparation for the consultant ward round and thirdly that it would be used during outpatient clinics.

Acute Psychiatry is divided into three sections.

The first section details the requirements of a clinical assessment. It provides a structured approach to taking a history, carrying out the mental state examination, ordering investigations, compiling a differential diagnosis and organising the management plan.

The second section runs through the most common clinical presentations one encounters in acute psychiatry. Each chapter in this section addresses a different clinical presentation, such as low mood, listing the differential diagnosis and outlining how one can both refine the diagnosis and initiate acute management.

The third section addresses further management of the more common psychiatric disorders.

The principles underpinning this book are the same as those underpinning the C&J course and we anticipate that the course and the book can be used synergistically. We also anticipate that further editions of Acute Psychiatry will evolve as developments in clinical psychiatry occur.

If a reader identifies an important point of clinical practice omitted in the first edition then we would encourage them to submit that point as a potential addition to the next edition of Acute Psychiatry. All we require is one or two paragraphs outlining the point and the reason for its inclusion, a suggestion about where it should be included, and if required, a supporting reference. We would expect contributions to cover subjects such as new diagnostic points, psychometric tests, and important additions to management. We would also welcome suggestions about the inclusion of new chapters. Suggestions should be submitted to the email address below. Any submission included in the next edition will be credited at the front of that book.

"Acute Psychiatry" is particularly useful to CASC candidates and is available as part of the course package.

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