The Course - Introduction

The morning of the first day of the course concentrates on teaching CASC techniques. Every module will begin by outlining the principles involved when answering a particular type of CASC station; we will then suggest a structure in which to answer the question and will finish with a period of practice. In the afternoon, candidates will practice the skills that they have learnt in the morning under examination time constraints.

The second day is dedicated to CASC practise. The amount of didactic teaching is restricted to one single module, at the beginning of day, which summarises the previous days teaching. Although the CASC stations have been specifically designed to cover a variety of difficult points, the principal aim of this day is for candidates to learn how to approach CASC stations in an organised way.

The tutors are led by:

Dr Matthew Castle, Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry. On the Specialist Register for Liaison and Old Age Psychiatry; Member of the British Neuropsychiatry Association.